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4 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dictate Proceedings In 2018

The pace at which social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are updating their platforms is amazing. That’s why it’s vital that business owners and marketers regularly update their digital marketing strategies to adapt to social media developments so we leave you Se Agency, so you can realize your entire digital marketing strategy. And with rapid technological advances, 2018 is projected to witness many developments in social media. Therefore, in order to be prepared for the anticipated changes, we have outlined the 4 digital marketing trends that are expected to dictate how to market products and services in 2018.

1. Video is expected to dominate digital marketing

With attention spans shorter these days, shoppers may not take the time to read a long post. That’s why most of them drift towards visual content, such as images, infographics, audio, video and more. Of all the visual content out there, video is rapidly gaining popularity. Shoppers can sit through a long video than read a long-winded block of text. This is because video has a way of passing a message across faster and in an engaging way. So if video isn’t part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to include it if you want to remain relevant and competitive in 2018.

2. Storytelling will be an essential part of digital marketing

Social media stories are growing in popularity, and it will be hard for marketers to overlook them. The stories format innovated by Snapchat has grown to become a necessary part of social media. Today, we have Instagram stories, and YouTube has also come with its stories format known as ‘’Reels.’’ While all the different social media stories adopt the same concept, each comes with unique features and presentation.

Stories have a way of capturing the best moments in the past, and a lot of them disappear after a preset time. Their temporary nature makes social media users check them out quickly before they disappear. Stories are also interesting ways to present your videos. So expect 2018 to be littered with stories, especially with Facebook and Whatsapp jumping on the bandwagon. That’s why it’s prudent to seriously consider social media stories when formulating your digital marketing strategy this year.



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3. Brands will increasingly use chatbots in their digital marketing campaigns

This is the year that most brands will take social media chat bots seriously. While chatbots have been in existence for the past several years, it’s only now that they are gaining popularity. The majority of big brands that have to deal with a ton of customers everyday use chatbots to streamline their customer support systems. These days, chatbots are majorly used in the customer service departments, with 61% of chatbot support attributed to customer-service related questions. Statistics also show that bots will dominate customer service sector in the future, with customer interactions via chatbots expected to attribute to 85% by 2020.

With millennials obsessed with technology, statistics show that they are the main group of people taking advantage of chatbots. And with this group making the bulk of online consumers, it’s only a matter of time before every online business starts using chatbots.

4. Brands will be using more social media influencers in their digital marketing campaigns

We’ve already seen the impacts of social media influencers. For example, P. Diddy, was hired to be the brand ambassador for Ciroc vodka, which has done pretty well, Beats by Dre are the go-to headphones these days, Louis Vuitton partnered with Selena Gomez to take their brand to the next level. So this moment forward, we are going to see a lot of brands partnering with celebrities to influence their products.


These are the digital marketing trends expected to shape how marketing is done 2018. To ensure your business and brand stays ahead of the competition and remains competitive, you have to tweak or change your digital marketing strategy to align with the latest social media developments.

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